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FlagShip FlagShip


This is the Warship of Queen Dark in 2075. The story doesn't mention when it was created.
A few typical things:
- The FlagShip has a lightbar around it, with 1 green light circling.
- It has a continuous sound of a sonar.
The FlagShip mostly flies through the cosmos and returns to the Ring above New York
when the presence is needed in the city. It's connected with all posts and robots in the city.
Although you wouldn't say it, the crew on it is very large. Many {Militia}-/{Special Guard} Robots
are working there to command the control room, to report to the Queen, to man the Special Guard Fighters
and guard several of the many doors on the FlagShip.

Inside are many rooms & passages. In the story we see the following places:
The throne room: The room with the throne of Queen Dark. The Book is also stored here.
It's located at the front of the ship so the Queen can look outside where the FlagShip is heading.
The controlroom (Ep 12): All commands are sent from there.
The hangar (Ep 17): All Special Guard Fighters are located/launched from there.
Prison: The room (of many maybe) where Dark locked up Moony and Angel in Episode 19.
The Lab (Ep 3): The place where Dr. Zarkale worked on the development of the New Geco.
It's mentioned in the last Episode as well, where a clone of Angel had been produced.
There's a big chance Zarkale created the clone of Oscar there as well.

The FlagShip is equiped with powerful lasercannons. They're used several times,
like in Episodes 21 (on the mountain) and 25 (attack around Tirloch)

During the adventures, the FlagShip is destroyed once (Ep 12) when {Tich} had to be saved from it.
Barnaby shoots lasers against tanks and shortly after hits the leaking oil,
setting the machine room on fire. This causes the FlagShip to explode. Luckily they got out of there on time,
but so did the Queen... In Episode 15 the Queen returns with a new FlagShip.

Since that Episode Dark is able to let her army travel through time.
The FlagShip first appears in the MiddleAges in Ep 16.
When Dark goes to the MiddleAges at the end of episode 21, she doesn't return to the future anymore.
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