Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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Dark QueenDark

Queen Dark/Queen Orial

One and the same person, starting as Queen Orial in 1250.
She's a witch, living in a {Tower} in the Enchanted Forest close to Tirloch.
Using some poison and a spell, she can steal the youth and beauty of the girls she bewitches.
This way she remains immortal, provided that none of the bewitched girls die or wake up.

In Episode {4} Hugsley explains how she conquered the world and became Queen Dark, ruler of the world in 2075.
Taking it she was at least 30 years old as Queen Orial in 1187 (when she enchanted Mathilde), she would be at least 918 in 2075.
In Episode {5}, when Geco meets his Clone, he confirms this by saying: "I live for almost a 1000 years, you don't."
Queen Dark has her own army of Robots ({Militia}) acting as police in New York City. She also has her own {FlagShip},
mostly flying through space, which contains all the {Fighter Planes} the guards need to use.
For special occasions the FlagShip returns to the {New York Ring} where the headquarter for the militia is.

During the centuries she got more powerful with spells, as we can see when she uses magic.
She's able to change objects/persons or destroy/kill them.
A few examples include turning characters into wild animals/a statue, shrink the target or even take over a body.
Pointing to the target, her finger shoots the spell as a laser,
although she used the palm of her hand several times to cast fire.
She can even appear at locations as hologram, change her own shape, fly without broom and take over the sky to attack.
Later she gets the power to travel through time, even with her army.
The Queen appears in each Episode, trying to stop Argaï and his friends from saving Angel.
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