Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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This is a Robot replacing Geco, very soon after he fails Queen Dark too much trying to capture Argaï.
He first appears in episode 3, where he is build by the mad scientist Dr. Zarkale. Zarkale explains this robot
has more power, capacity and is much more cruel than Geco. GecoBot has a mechanic arm, leg and has metal teeth.
Comparing him to Geco, he's dragging his mechanic leg rather than walking with it. Another speciality we see
in Episode 11 is the ability to Zoom with his eye. That's also the episode that shows he seems to carry a gun with him,
that he doesn't use in any other situation. In Episode 12 Queen Dark set up a trap, but GecoBot blows it,
taking down the FlagShip with him...
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