Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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Moony MoonyMoon

Moony Moon

Moony is the secretary of detective Oscar Lightbulb in 2075.
She has her own place in Brooklyn, New York. When first travelling to the Middle Ages,
she misses a lot of the futuristic tools. After getting back to her own time,
she keeps hating the Middle Ages and doesn't travel to it for the first few Ingredients.
Later she wants to meet Angel so she decides to travel with Oscar, Barnaby and Argaï.
From that moment on she joins the timetravelling adventures. Oscar is grateful she does,
as she saves them several times.
Unlike Barnaby and Oscar, Moony doesn't wear a Watch or pistol.

It seems she has something with the cute, brave kid Billy since she met him early in their adventures.
Halfway when she meets {Jayson}, she gets in love with him, although they don't reveal that right away.
In Episode 23 their TimeMachine gets stolen by Queen Dark and she says something like:
"Now we can never get home. To be forever in the Middle Ages is really horrible."
But eventually she decides to stay with Jayson in the Middle Ages. Weird how some things turn out!
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