Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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TimeTravelling TimeTravel

This always remains a hard topic, that's why it needs some attention.
Note that it contains some assumptions, as not all is clear.

For the series: "Argaï - The Prophecy" there are a few elements explained during the adventure.

TimeTravelling is done with the TimeMachine invented by Hugsley in 2075.

What happens when you die in another year?
People that travelled through time are visiting another year.
It is explained that people can only die in their own time.
This means that when you die while visiting another year,
you'll simply be sent back to the year you originally came from.

Keep going back to fix things:
What many people also wonder: When something goes wrong,
why don't travel back in time to just before that situation and solve it?
It looks like the time continues parallely. When you travel to a year,
back to your own time and a few days later travel back to that year,
a few days have passed there as well. Time just continues normally in the seperated years.

Affecting the future by changing history:
A very hard issue! Any small thing you change can have an enormous impact on the future.
Thinking about how these series end: By killing Queen Dark (or just preventing Orial from getting eternal life)
she wouldn't have become powerful, take over the world and kill 1/10th of the population...
That only the Ring and {Militia} disappear is a bit... weak. The whole city and population would be different!
But well, for the story it doesn't really matter.
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