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 New-York Ring

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New-York Ring New-York_Ring

New-York Ring

This is a huge Ring floating above New York in 2075.
It's only connected to the city by cables, probably power and internet connection cables.
Those cables are very strong, as Vessels hitting them explode and the cables remain intact.
The Ring is the base for the {Militia} and their commander: Geco.
It has many searchlights for the city below it, as shown a lot during the adventures and on the image above.
In the Ring there are a lot of screens available with all city cameras on them.
The Militia has its commandpost there to give orders to the patrols and to control anything in the city, like the {Metro}.
At some locations it is an open building, as can be seen at the end of Episode {1}.

It's not clear when this Ring was build, but it is destroyed in 2075 after Queen Dark is defeated.
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New-York Ring
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