Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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TimeMachine TimeMachine


This machine is invented by Hugsley, in what year is never told. In 2075 Hugsley is imprisoned on F-107
because the {Militia} discovered his TimeMachine long ago. What we know is that Hugsley's been on F-107 for 20 years,
as he tells us himself in Episode 4. So it at least existed in 2055.
His TimeMachine wasn't finished, but it was able to travel through time by entering the desired year.
It can optionally be used as a plane and has an onboard speaker, used several times for contact (phone calls) or alarm sounds.
What we learn more is that the machine has an unknown capacity, which can keep it in the chosen year for a certain amount of time.
After that, the Machine automatically returns to the year it originally came from. If the users of the Machine aren't back
on time, the Machine returns without them and the people just vanish. Though it never happened that the users were too late.
During the series the Machine is only used to travel between 1250 and 2075, although Hugsley mentions he travelled with it
to many other years in the past. No one has used it to travel to the future, if possible...
The TimeMachine crashes in Episode 5 and 13.
In Episode 23 the Militia of Queen Dark found the TimeMachine, so the users were stuck in the Middle Ages.

TimeMachine TimeMachineControls
Controls and Display in the TimeMachine.

In many cases the numbers of the year jump to the new number, but in some Episodes they scroll down.
The left and right button color Red and Yellow upon pressing, as seen in the beginning of Episode 7.
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