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F-107 F-107


This is the PrisonPlanet in the Galaxy of the year 2075.
People that don't follow the rules end up here. They can get punished for
several months, but if you go there you'll never get your freedom again.
We first meet F-107 in Episode 4 when Oscar is sent to it.
The outside of the prison is just one big desert with heavy sandstorms.
Prisoners are brought to the prison by Plane, how the Plane enters the prison is never shown.
Air Ducts provide the oxygen for the prison, using long pipes through the prison ceiling.
The prison works on solar energy, every day there is a solar eclipse which turns the power off.

The prison itself is one big cave, functioning as a mine. It has a lot of tunnels,
creating one big labyrinth. The prison has several wings, going deeper into the planet.
On every wing several {Militia robots} patrol to watch the prisoners.
Prisoners have a bracelet attached to keep track of their location,
they have to do hard labor and get some 2-minute breaks during the day.
At night they're allowed to sleep, so they can rest.

Below are the Guard that takes in new visitors on a special wing deep into the prison,
and the Owner of the Prison, who meets every prisoner, makes sure the bracelet is applied and he introduces them to the rules:

F-107 F-107_Guard_Owner

In Episode 18 Angel and Moony are captured. In Episode 19 they're taken to F-107.
Pasha and Mr. Po are betrayed by Geco and also being sent to F-107, where they meet Hugsley.
Together they are able to overpower the guards and hack into the prison control unit.
They disable the prison, causing an activation of a 30-minute countdown for the self destruction of the Planet.
They manage to escape just in time and the prison Planet gets destroyed. The Owner, Guard and available Militia didn't survive this.
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