Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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Pasha Pasha


Quoted from Episode 3, Pasha is the King of crime in New York.
The way he gets informed is unknown, but he states nothing happens without him knowing.
And he proves that a lot during the adventures. Mr. Po is his assistant that welcomes visitors
before they actually meet Pasha. He also makes sure visitors don't take weapons with them.
Pasha has his own hangar with many Vehicles and loot. Billy works for him as a pilot of any vehicle.
When Pasha hears about a TimeMachine, he's very interested to use that for business.
For that reason he rescues Hugsley from F-107.
Help Pasha could provide include: giving rides with any of his vehicles,
arrange computers/materials needed, warn people and keep them informed and give them their own hideouts.

Pasha has his own {Hideout} in {Chinatown}, till Episode 19 where he gets betrayed by Geco,
who knew about his hideout for a very long time without telling Queen Dark.
After Pasha escapes from F-107, his new temporary hideout is Taj Mahal.
When that building is destroyed in Episode 21, he says goodbye, only to return at the wedding in Episode 26.
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