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 Pasha's Hideout

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Pasha's Hideout

A room in Mr. Po's Shop in {Chinatown}, New-York, in 2075.
Visitors are not allowed to go there, unless they have permission of Mr. Po.
This is the location Pasha operates from and where he meets his visitors.
Even Geco knew about this location.
Pasha's Hideout is visited for the first time in Episode 3, to ask for a new Identity Card for Argaï.
The following Episodes he gets more requests; for providing shelter, help to find the TimeMachine,
arrange Devices and Equipment, save Hugsley, make sure people get rides to specific locations...
In Episode 19 this all ends as Geco wants to protect his eternal life,
so he decides to arrest Pasha and Mr. Po.
After they escaped from F-107, they couldn't return to their old Hideout,
so they found a new Hideout in Chinatown.
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Pasha's Hideout
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