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Mr. Po MrPo

Mr. Po

He's the assistant of Pasha and has his own {Shop} in {Chinatown}, New York in 2075.
He uses his shop as a cover. It contains a secret {shelter}, probably one of many more throughout Chinatown/New York.
Considering his appearance, he must have Chinese roots.
Mr. Po first appears in Episode 3 when Argaï and Barnaby visit Pasha to ask for a new ID card.
As Pasha's assistant, he welcomes the guests and makes sure they don't take weapons with them.
And he also takes them to the locations whenever they need a guide.
In Episode 5 he takes Argaï, Barnaby, Oscar and Moony to the Central WareHouse, where the TimeMachine is,
with the help of Geco. But in Episode 19 Geco betrays Pasha and captures him and Mr.Po.
However, with the help of Hugsley they succeed in escaping F-107 and destoying that planet.
As help is asked quite some times, Mr. Po appears in Episode 12 & 17 to help them get to the {FlagShip} and
eventually in Episode 21 to give back the stolen Ingredients. Their ways seperate there when Queen Dark
destroys the hideout building. Of course in Episode 26 Mr. Po returns at the wedding of Argaï and Angel.
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Mr. Po
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