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 Special Guard Fighter

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Special Guard Fighter SpecialGuardLights

Special Guard Fighter

This vessel is first introduced at the end of Episode 3.
From that moment on these vessels were used in the place of the Militia Fighters as they are able to fly with the speed of light.
Compared to the Militia Fighter these vessels seem way smaller. During the series they've never shown these 2 vessels in the same frame.
The Special Guard Fighters are equiped with 2 lasercannons with a far but limited range.

Some of the features we've seen during the series:
- Its entrance is on top, a rectangle door in the roof. In Episodes 18/26 the whole roof lifts up.
- It's able to lock on flying targets.
- It can be 'cloacked' during flight (like XX709) to get off the radar from any nearby vessels (Ep. 4).
- They're connected to the Headquarters (Ring) to keep contact.
- Every fighter's location can be tracked (end Ep. 17, begin Ep. 18).
- They're destroyed very fast when flying against objects or when shot by other Vehicles.
- Shooting it with regular lasergun weapons doesn't do that much damage.
- They don't seem to be capable of flying in bad weather/storms (Ep. 21).
- When pilots eject, the fighter digitally sends them out of the plane in a bubble, from where they float and slowly descent.
- The FlagShip has a huge hangar with many of these Fighters, which can be launched very fast.

Special Guard Fighter HangarLaunch

Another thing is that the layout inside the Fighter can be changed, or that it has different models depending on the amount of pilots/passengers.
A few examples below:

Special Guard Fighter InsideSpecialFighter
[ 2 x pilot, 2 x passenger | 1 x pilot, 3 x passenger | 1 x pilot, 4 x passenger ]

In Episode 12 it even looks like there's only a seat for the pilot, as Argaï and Barnaby are just standing inside the Fighter.
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Special Guard Fighter
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