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 Episode 23: The Fairy Melusine

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Episode 23: The Fairy Melusine Empty
PostSubject: Episode 23: The Fairy Melusine   Episode 23: The Fairy Melusine EmptyWed 07 Jan 2015, 4:07 pm

Episode 23 - The Fairy Melusine

0:00 - Intro | 0:30 - Review | 1:48 - Episode | 22:48 - Verse | 23:00 - Teaser | 23:30 - Credits.

Dutch dubbed version of the French anime series: Argaï - The Prophecy (2000) - Episode 23: De Fee Melusine

Argaï en Barnaby vluchten door het bos, achtervolgd door de militie die het bos in vlam zet.
Alle huizen in Parijs worden doorzocht. Oscar, Moony en Gregory krijgen geen contact en gaan bezorgd op zoek.
Koningin Dark wacht ze op in de herberg. Gargal brengt Argaï en Barnaby naar Melusine,
die de robots in het bos uitschakelt. Nu moeten ze alleen de val van koningin Dark nog ontlopen.

Argaï and Barnaby flee through the forest, hunted by the militia that sets the forest on fire.
All houses in Paris are being searched. Oscar, Moony and Gregory can't get contact so concerned they start searching.
Queen Dark awaits them in the tavern. Gargal leads Argaï and Barnaby to Melusine,
who disables the robots in the forest. Now they only have to evade the trap of Queen Dark.

To see current Subtitle Status and for Subtitle downloads, look here.

This Episode Contains:

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Episode 23: The Fairy Melusine
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