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 Book Of Prophecies

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Book Of Prophecies Book_of_Prophecies

Book Of Prophecies

This is a very important object in the series. It's an old book containing Prophecies,
written by a monk of Tirloch many years before 1250. {Father Gregory} shows it to Argaï
when the events described in it start to happen in Episode 1.
The original writer is not available anymore, he could have left the {Monastery} or may be dead.
Using the Thought-Connector Oscar and his employees get to know the book.
In Episode 5 they retrieve the TimeMachine created by Hugsley and they can go back to 1250
to find the Book of Prophecies.
The book was meant to be scanned and destroyed after finding it, but they lose it to Queen Dark
who also hunts for it and is able to steal the book, but after it is copied by Barnaby.
From that moment on Queen Dark owns the actual book and Oscar has a digital version of it.
The Book has a lot of pages we never get to see, so what other things it contains remains a mystery.
The most important pages are the ones with the Verses describing the happenings and Ingredients
they need to wake up Angel and destroy Queen Dark. In the end the Book is still on the FlagShip when it gets destroyed,
so it may be possible that it has vanished forever. At least the digital copy survived...
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Book Of Prophecies
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