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 InnKeeper Paris

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InnKeeper Paris InnkeeperParis

Innkeeper Paris

A badger owning an {Inn in Paris} in the year 1250. His name is never told.
He first appears in Episode 6, when Argaï, Barnaby, Oscar and Moony travel
back in time to the Middle Ages and need a place to stay during the night.
The Innkeeper knows about an execution of {Gregory}, so his visitors could rescue him in time.
During that visit they also hunt down the Book Of Prophecies in the {Notre-Dame}.
In Episode 22 they need to find the Thurible, also in Paris, so they visit the Inn in Paris again.
The Innkeeper recognises them but still doesn't believe their future-story.
As some of his visitors are wanted, he walks out to search the Thurible.
He finds Gregory and takes him to his Inn.
In Episode 23 he needs to help them escape Paris, as every house is being searched.
Their ways seperate in the woods, where his visitors continue the travel with the horses.
He also appears at the wedding in Episode 26, in a different background design.
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InnKeeper Paris
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