Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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 Blind InnKeeper's Inn

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PostSubject: Blind InnKeeper's Inn   Blind InnKeeper's Inn EmptyMon 19 Mar 2018, 10:03 pm

Blind InnKeeper's Inn Blind_InnKeeper_s_Inn_TopView

Blind InnKeeper's Inn

First appears in Episode 6, although it's mentioned that it has already been visited between Episode 5 and 6.
The Inn is located near Paris and the top image clearly shows it's located in the woods.
During the series there are no other guests visiting the inn other than the main characters.
It's old and big with many tables in the main hall and many rooms upstairs. There are lots of wine barrels behind the bar.

Blind InnKeeper's Inn Blind_InnKeeper_s_Inn_Front_Inside

The Blind InnKeeper probably runs the place on his own, as we never see any personnel.
He is loyal to Queen Orial, which is a problem for visitors, as they could get betrayed.
We learn that people who stay there are robbed by him {and a gang} during their sleep.
Near the end of the series, this Inn gets a bigger role for several Episodes.
In Episode 22, when the Thurible must be retrieved, Argaï and Barnaby head for the Inn
where {Gregory} hid it in one of the rooms. They find it and escape on time, as the InnKeeper
had informed Queen Dark of their visit. As they were robbed during their sleep, they couldn't
contact Oscar and Moony. Oscar tries to call and Queen Dark answers the stolen phone silently.
She expects them to get to the Inn, so she sets up a trap. Near the end of Episode 23, when her
armies in the woods have been destroyed by a storm created by Melusine, Queen Dark leaves
the Inn by horse in the hope to encounter Oscar on the road between Paris and the Inn.
After that, the Inn hasn't been used anymore in the story.
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Blind InnKeeper's Inn
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