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 Blind InnKeeper

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Blind InnKeeper BlindInnKeeper

Blind Innkeeper

A blind man who runs an {Inn} close to Paris in 1250.
We first meet him in Episode 6, when Dark visits to interrogate him.
As he tells her all he knows, it looks like Argaï and his friends already visited that Inn,
although we never actually saw that happen. The Innkeeper thinks he's talking to Queen Orial,
that he knows from that actual year. He informs Dark of the Book Of Prophecies,
what it is about and where to find it.
In Episode 22 Argaï and Barnaby travel back to the Inn, to find the last Ingredient
which {Gregory} hid in the Inn. There they both get poisoned and robbed by the Innkeeper,
who then informs Dark of their visit to the Inn. He's loyal to the Queen and as we learn in Episode 23,
he steals from travellers when they're sleeping and shares a part of the loot with {partners}.
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Blind InnKeeper
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