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Lorelei PrincessLorelei

Princess Lorelei

Princess Lorelei lives on the {Rebel Planet} in the Galaxy of 2075.
She rules over the beautiful and peaceful planet as the sworn enemy of Queen Dark.
She has her own army of fighters, which seem to be stronger than the armies of Dark.
Lorelei first appears in Episode 4, when Argaï, Barnaby and Moony fly with Billy
to the Rebel Planet, to ask for help. They need to free Oscar from F-107.
Lorelei gives them a map of the prison planet and reminds them that the air ducts are the only
weak spot of the prison.
As Queen Dark wants to kill Argaï, who is on the Rebel Planet, she decides to attack the planet.
At the start of Episode 5 she continues the battle with the Rebels. But when she learns that
Argaï and his friends are in the Central Warehouse, she stops her battle immediately.
In Episode 20 they need to free Moony, Pasha and Mr. Po from F-107, so Argaï, Barnaby and Oscar
visit Lorelei again to ask for help. Luckily it didn't come that far, as everything was already solved.
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