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Gargal Gargal


Gargal is a wood goblin, claiming he rules all forests including the Enchanted Forest close to Tirloch.
He can fly, has a circle of light with stars around him and he's able to teleport.
We first meet him in Episode 7, in a magic forest somewhere in the Amazon in 2075.
There he helps Argaï and Barnaby to find the Mandrake.
The next Episode, 13, he appears in the Enchanted Forest in 1250.
Again he helps out Argaï, Barnaby, but also Oscar and Moony. This time he provides Oscar and Moony
with magical objects to save Argaï and Barnaby, who are captured by Geco and locked up in Orial's Tower.
After their escape, he gives them the Stardust they were looking for.
Gargal appears one final time in Episode 23, when Argaï and Barnaby are trapped in the forest near Paris.
Gargal warns them for the fire created by Giant Bots and helps them to get away.
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