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 Orial's Tower

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Orial's Tower Orial_s_Tower

Orial's Tower

This is the building in 1250 where the evil witch, Queen Orial, lives in.
This Tower is hidden in the Enchanted Forest close to Tirloch.
Queen Dark only visits it again after her FlagShip gets destroyed in Episode 12,
to find Geco, that was replaced by a Robot. He returned to this Tower in the Middle Ages.
In Episode 13 Argaï, Barnaby, Moony and Oscar have to search for an Ingredient
in the Enchanted Forest. As Queen Dark knows they're arriving, she orders Geco to welcome them.
Argaï and Barnaby are caught by Geco and imprisoned in Orial's Tower.
When Oscar and Moony find them, they all see where Queen Dark started. The Tower has many books
full of spells and all kinds of potions and poisons still boiling. When they try to get away,
they enter a part of the building where the stairs are in all directions, as shown below:

Orial's Tower Orial_s_Tower_Stairs

At the very end, when Queen Dark is destroyed, this Tower passes by but isn't destroyed.
As {Lucifer} mentioned during the series: She returns to her old self in the past.
The time seems to continue: After the Enchantment the spell has been broken, Queen Dark
never existed to support Orial from the future to protect her from the Tirloch army
trying to reclaim their throne and Queen Orial again loses the battle.
How it'll end up for her is a mystery. She can't hurt Angel anymore and probably didn't get far
doing so with other girls, as she didn't win her power back to become ruler in the future.
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Orial's Tower
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