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 06: Stardust

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06: Stardust StarDust


This is the 6th Ingredient of the antidote needed to wake up Angel.
The {Verse} literally mentions Stardust and Argaï is the only one of the group
that knows that it refers to tears of fairies, according to the legend.
To find this, they need to go the Enchanted Forest.
Gargal gives the ingredient (in a small bottle) to them after their forest-adventure.
How he got it is unknown, it's possible he had to gather it while the others were searching,
or he had it with him all the time. For both options is a statement:
1) It were the tears of Angel, why would he gather that?
2) If he had it with him all the time, why didn't he give it right away?
In the final {Ritual} the Stardust leaves a glowing protection field around Angel.
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06: Stardust
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