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 01: Mandrake

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01: Mandrake Mandrake


This is the 1st Ingredient of the antidote needed to wake up Angel.
It actually has 2 {Verses} related to it (End of Episode {6}, {extra episode verse}),
describing it as weed/a root resembling the body of a man.
For this item they need to travel to the great river in the Amazon in 2075 in Episode {7}.
It is found in a forest close to a ruin, populated by Chief Ma'Gok and the Wannakee tribe.
The Mandrake is a sacred plant for the tribe and they protect it from people that want to steal it.
Argaï and Barnaby are the ones to hunt for it. They meet Gargal in the forest,
who gives them tips how to pick the plant the right way.
Argaï had to chose between a white Mandrake and a purple one, somehow linked to Queen Dark.
This way she knew that her enemies got to the plant.
In the final {Ritual} this plant is pulvered with the other plants
and mixed with the {Demon Blood}, then set on fire.
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01: Mandrake
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