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Ma'Gok ChiefMa_Gok

Chief Ma'Gok

He's the leader of the Wannakee Tribe, who live in the Amazon in 2075.
They live in an ancient abandoned city in the middle of the forest.
The people in the tribe are cannibals and they can't speak.
Queen Dark mentions they inhaled some gas which made them ugly.
Ma'Gok is the only one of them with the possibility to talk/communicate.
They're protecting the Mandrake, a sacred plant which grows close to the city.
Argaï and Barnaby are trying to take this plant, which ends up in a battle between Argaï and Ma'Gok.
After a short battle Chief Ma'Gok is no more and Argaï and Barnaby leave the tribe without their leader and plant.
Ma'Gok only appears in Episode 7.
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