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Khar KingKhar

King Khar

The father of Prince Argaï, living in his own {Castle} in Tirloch in the year 1250.
His kingdom is under attack by Queen Orial at that time.
It is told he loses that battle and Orial takes over his kingdom.
Khar appears in Episode 1 - 3 at the start of the story where they follow him finding out
what happened to his son.
At the end he returns in Episode 25 when {Jayson}, Mulgan and Moony warn him to attack
the army of Orial. In the final Episode 26 he joins the trade with Queen Dark
and the {Final Ritual} to wake up Angel.
When they destoyed Queen Dark at the end, she couldn't help Orial in the past to win the battle.
This way the Kingdom remains property of King Khar. Nevertheless his role in the story is limited.
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