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Mulgan Mulgan


Mulgan is a druid living on druid island, close to Scotland in 1250.
He also has a building on the mainland, but there's more potential risk at being captured.
We meet him in Episode 14 when the Mistletoe has to be found, an ingredient
used often by druids. They know where to find them. When he got betrayed, he was able to flee
just in time, but on his island he wasn't safe as the enemy also knew about that location.
Oscar and Moony left the island to get help, while Argaï and Barnaby were trying to free their leader: {Jayson}.
Jayson saved Mulgan from the traitors and Mulgan gave the Mistletoe.
In Episode 24 he appears again, when Argaï located the camp of Jayson's army from Scotland.
Moony was unconscious and Mulgan tries to heal her. When Moony wakes up,
she warns him and Jayson for the power of Queen Dark.
In Episode 25 Mulgan travels with Jayson and Moony to warn King Khar.
In Episode 26 he helps with the {Final Ritual} by drawing the circles on the {Monastery} floor
and by spreading the incense of the Thurible around the room.
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