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 Surprising Khar

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PostSubject: Surprising Khar   Surprising Khar EmptySun 18 Jan 2015, 7:46 pm

Surprising Khar

{Jayson} receives bad news from Moony in Episode 24 after she woke up. She warned him and Mulgan
for the power of Queen Dark and her futuristic Robot army. In Episode 25 they have to hurry and warn King Khar
to prevent him from gathering his army and lose everything. While they travel to him they're travelling for nothing,
why would you need to travel to someone if that person is already travelling with you?

Surprising Khar WarnKhar

On the left side they start their journey to Khar (with Khar...) at 6:27 min.
At the right side they visit Khar at his camp, at 8:44 min.
It looks like they meet for the first time and he has no idea why.
It's true he travels with them later in that Episode, so this should be a mistake.
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Surprising Khar
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