Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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An English Argaï Wiki about the Original Series, Provided by DARkTYranno.
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General information about the Argaï Series

General Information Show

A recap of the Storyline:
New York 2075. The evil Queen Dark rules the world and by casting a spell upon girls she remains alive forever.
Prince Argaï from 1250 a.d. is furious when he discovers his fiancee Angel has been enchanted; a lightning flash
sends him to 2075 where he seeks refuge with private detective Oscar Lightbulb, his assistant Barnaby and
their secretary Miss Moon. It is discovered that a Book Of Prophecies exists that details every Ingredient they need
for the potion to rescue Angel. They copy this book, but it gets stolen by Queen Dark who then knows their every
next move. Will they succeed in collecting the ingredients, rescuing Angel and the destruction of Queen Dark?

These series are French of origin, with the title: Argaï, la Prophétie.
It's created in 2000, by the companies D'Ocon Films Poductions, TF1 & Carrere Group.
It's written and created by Sébastien Dorsey, Benoît Petit & Jean-César Suchorski.
The {Music} is produced by Didier Julia.

It has 1 Season of 26 Episodes in total, with a duration of 25 minutes each,
including: Intro, Review, Verse, Teaser & Credits. Without those extras, each Episode is 21:00.

Every Character represents an animal. The animation chosen to create it is rather simple
and you can see many elements being recycled in several episodes or scenes with other backgrounds.

This show has an age restriction (6+). It's meant for kids and doesn't contain real violence.
It has several short scenes with swordfighting, punching and explosions. A few characters are killed,
in an exceptional case you actually see this happen. For example Dr. Zarkale in Episode 20.
Only the Robots in the series are often 'killed' on the screen. Many characters in the series
are hit by spells of Queen Dark, turning them into something else instead of really killing them.
In some cases she wants to kill someone, but instead she sends that person back to his own time.

Argaï has a few Voice-Overs and has been dubbed in many languages, it's still unknown how many languages exactly.
There were never released any official subtitles with the few released DVD's or on television.
To see what has been found and what MAY exist, check the current status of the Argaï Project.
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General Information
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