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Thought-Connector Thought-Connector


This object only appears/is mentioned in the first few Episodes.
It's an invention that exists in 2075.

The system is connected to the brains of people. When they tell their story,
a screen will display the events. When people lie or make up things, the screen will turn black
as it can't match memories. For this reason it is also used as a lie detector.
In the episodes where a thought-connector is used, they never showed the screen turning black.

In Episode 1 & 2 it is used by Argaï to tell his story,
and Oscar also uses it to make a print of the Masked Thief.
In Episode 3: To hide specific memories, Oscar visits Hector, who has invented
a machine with the same system as a thought-connector.
In Episode 4 Geco uses it to question Oscar and try to find any memories of Argaï.
It may be possible that any person could afford such a machine in 2075.
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