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 Masked Thief

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Masked Thief Masked_Thief

Masked Thief

We meet this person in Episode {1} when he wants to rob Argaï although he lies about that.
His short role in this episode is being witness of the Prince, who had to escape fast.
In Episode {2} Oscar and Barnaby try to track him down before the enemy does.
They find him in the slum where he lives, thanks to a tip of Charlie.
When they want to leave with the Masked Thief, the {Militia} already found them.
In the following chase everything is done to get rid of the Militia, but nothing works.
Eventually, when they are on top of a {Metro}, the Thief gets killed by hitting
the ceiling of a tunnel as he didn't duck. The witness problem was hereby solved.
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Masked Thief
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