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Aifar SultanAifar

Sultan Aifar

A Sultan living in his palace in Alyasha in the year 1250.
He's cruel to the inhabitants of the city and he has his own army,
lead by the captain: {Oliban}. They both only appear in Episode {10},
where Queen Dark tries to get rid of Angel by giving her to Aifar.
But Aifar instead decides he wants to rule the whole world, so he wants
to get rid of Angel, his gift from the Queen, and then let Dark (he thinks Orial) fall into a trap.
Unfortunately Queen Dark is in his palace and hears of his plans, so it is she
who sets the trap for Aifar. When he holds onto his lies, she turns him into a
small wild Rhino (in beast form, unable to talk).
Exactly what Hugsley and Moony read in 2075:
Aifar disappeared mysteriously and nobody ever heard of him again.
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