Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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Taxi Taxi


These Vehicles exist in 2075 and are available a lot in New York.
Like other cars in that time, they can fly. Almost every taxi has the same color and text,
although sometimes the text on the engine cover is mirrored.

They have doors that split and slide to the front and back of the vehicle,
which is handy when taking passengers 'on the fly', when another vehicle flies next to a taxi.
Inside they have at least 2 Passenger Seats, some have 3 as would be the case in Episode 19.

The Service of the Taxi is used in Episode 2, when Oscar needs to go to 28th street,
Episode 3 when Oscar goes to the station, trying to get to Hector and in Episode 19
when they're all chased by the {Militia}, so they escape in a Taxi while they're fleeing.
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