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Pyramid Pyramid


One of the wonders of the world: The Pyramid, which can be found in Egypt.
In Episode 8 the journey takes the heroes to a pyramid, to search for another Ingredient.
Scanning the verse only, it's unknown if it matters what pyramid and if there are more instances of the ingredient.
The chosen pyramid had no visible entrance, but Hugsley and Moony stayed in the {Shelter} in {Chinatown}
and provided the information to get into the pyramid. Inside is a huge labyrinth and the desert heat is gone.
A funny thing is that the connection fails there, Barnaby says "The walls are too thick" and even Hugsley says
"As long as they're in the pyramid we can't do more than wait".
Inside they found the tomb of the pharaoh, with the Object needed for the antidote.
They got out of the tomb the same way as they have to enter their shelter in Chinatown.
Under the pyramid flows a river and after a waterfall it ends up in some sort of underground village.
Queen Dark is disguised there, waiting for the grave robbers. She commands her army of natives to catch them.
If those natives are really living there is unknown, they're all labeled with the Evil Logo.
The robbers manage to escape using the remaining part of the river, which flows into the Nile River.
Except Episode 8 no pyramids are encountered.
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