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 Mr. Po's Shop

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Mr. Po's Shop

This is the Shop of Mr. Po, located in {Chinatown} in 2075.
It is mainly used as a cover for {Pasha's Hideout}.
This building first appears in Episode {3}, when Argaï and Barnaby need to speak to Pasha.
The entrance of the Shop is located in a sidestreet.
In Episode {6}, when Oscar asks Pasha for a {Hideout} in Chinatown,
they seem to pass Mr. Po's Shop at the front, as Mr. Po {is standing there too} facing the main street.
In the Shop itself is the Entrance to Pasha's Hideout.
Moony mentions that the Ingredients for the antidote are hidden in this Shop in Episode {20}.
Queen Dark orders her {Militia} to search this Shop, but nothing is found.
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Mr. Po's Shop
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