Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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Hangzhou Hangzhou


A city in China, Capital of the Song-Dynasty [960-1279] in 1250.
The first visit to this location is in Episode 15 when a special Lotus Flower needs to be found.
The group split up to cover more ground. Argaï and Barnaby meet {Chung}, their 'taxi-driver'.
He brings them to his {grandfather's house}, where they meet {Singa} for the first time.
Chung leads them to {Master Wang}, who has been guarding the Lotus Flower till it would be retrieved.
He has a {Temple} on a mountain just outside the city.
During this journey the evil Lord SjangTang wants to take over China and become emporer.
Queen Dark is the one who disables him in an early stage.
The next visit to the Hangzhou is in Episode 20 when they need to collect a Wild Orchid.
For this they need to search in The Bay of the Dragon, a large bay close to the city.
Chung helps them, he's a good diver and knows the bay.
In Episode 21 they need to gather the Sacred Pearl in the Mountains of Cotton.
From the temple of Master Wang, you can see them. When Queen Dark arrived,
she decided to destroy the mountains, thinking she killed Argaï and Barnaby.
Their friends find them with the TimeMachine and they head back to the Temple of Master Wang.
At the beginning of Episode 22 they leave Hangzhou for the last time, heading back to Paris.
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