Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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 Swamp Boat

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Swamp Boat SwampBoat

Swamp Boat

This Vehicle only appears in Episode 24, when Queen Dark has sent her army to the swamps to capture her enemies.
Using these Boats the {Special Guard} can move faster throught the water. They've proven themselves water-proof
as they were smashed in the water and kept working perfectly. The boats have front- and backseats and a window to
block splashing water. It also has the Evil Logo on the front. Within a very short moment the boats run at full speed.
To escape the swamp, Barnaby decides to steal one, but they have to leave it once the Special Guard Fighters come in.
By faking a boat accident, the enemies got distracted, and so it became a perfect escape.
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Swamp Boat
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