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One of the knights of Khar, king of Tirloch in 1250.
Tibalt first appears in Episode 3, when Khar visits the {Monastery} after the lightning.
When Khar warned the monks to leave the monastery as they lost the war, he ordered Tibalt
to stay and help evacuate the monks. He has to protect them till they all left the Monastery.
He returns in Episode 5, when Argaï travelled back in time from 2075 and visits the building
to find the Book Of Prophecies. There they find Tibalt, who has been beaten by the Barbarians.
He tells Argaï that {Gregory} fled to Paris with the Book that contains Argaï's destiny
and that brother {Tich} escaped with Angel to the sacred land, where Khar went as well.
Tibalt is left in the Monastery, he has to flee into the woods when he's able.
He seems to have survived, as he appears at the wedding in Episode 26, in healthy condition.
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