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Jayho PrincessJayho

Princess Jayho

Jayho is the daughter of {Hanki}, the leader of a rebel tribe in the desert of Awikango, Africa.
She only appears in Episode 16, where she gets captured by {Ajiba}, the king of Awikango.
The rebel tribe is against him. Jayho won't betray her own people and doesn't tell their location.
Using a traitor amongst the rebels Ajiba is able to capture the whole tribe after all, with the help of Queen Dark's army.
Hanki, Jayho, Argaï and Oscar are put in an arena to fight the Scorpion of the Prophecies.
Argaï is able to defeat that Scorpion. Barnaby and Moony save them using the TimeMachine.
They return Hanki and Jayho and go back home with the Ancient Manuscript.
What happens with the rest of the captured tribe or Ajiba is unknown...
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