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 Extra Verses

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Extra Verses

This is a collection of the Verses which are mentioned during the Episodes,
but are no part of the Verses mentioned at the end of an Episode.
Some are even mixed up with a Verse at the end of an Episode,
both covering the same thing.

Episode 1 (around 19:30):

"A brave Prince will one day take
the Angel's spell away and she will wake.

When the lightning is high,
the place will be nigh.

To another time he will go,
his destiny he will know.

With evil and treachery await him,
only the light can save him."

Episode 7 (around 3:30 & 6:40):
The last part crosses with Verse 06, covering the same Ingredient.

"If to sleep these girls are forsaken,
there's nothing to fear,
but should just one of them awaken,
the Queen will disappear."

"In the woods the plant does grow,
but on the great river you must go.
A strange root which truly can,
wake him, resemble the body of a man."

Episode 23 (around 21:30):

"By the sleeping waters
does the lady in white hide,
only she knows the way
to go get the magician of light."

Episode 24 (around 15:05) & Episode 26 (around 13:25):
This verse isn't mentioned in the Book Of Prophecies, it was a key to Summon Merlin.

"If Merlin helped us land,
there will be a happy end.
To conquer the sly,
only the magician can help you try."
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Extra Verses
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