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 SubTitle Project

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PostSubject: SubTitle Project   SubTitle Project EmptyThu 22 Jan 2015, 11:57 am

SubTitleProject for Argaï

Important note: SubTitleProject has been finished!
However I still don't have any help. For downloads, Tutorial movie etc, see:
Release Topic

In the past I've been working on several English subtitles,
those of some Dutch episodes that were available at that moment.
Years later (now) I've begun finishing the subtitles I've once started.
Progress of Subtitles can be found here. Now on to the PROCESS:

It seems a lot of Text and Image, but this WHOLE topic covers the SubTitleProject!

This SubProject has several stages. As HobbyProgrammer I've written my own software to handle these stages:
- Argaï SubFormat Checker, BDS BinaryWriter & Argaï SubTitle Converter (ScreenShots on image).
The image at the bottom of this page represents 'The Circle of SubTitleProject'.
It consists of 6 parts, that will be explained in more detail below:

1) Creating Subtitles;
2) Translate Subtitles;
3) Create Syncs for other dubs;
4) Verify Format (of translated subtitles);
5) Create BackDoorScripts (for the SubTitleConverter);
6) Convert translations (to new dub);

1: Creating Subtitles
When there's nothing, you have to create subtitles from scratch.
Use any software you want, add lines, type content and change the timing as needed.
Do so for a whole episode and the subtitle is done. This takes quite some time though...

2: Translate Subtitles
This task is much faster, open an already created subtitle and translate all the textlines in the file.
Leave the indexnumbers and timecodes, they're already correct for the movie. Just change the language.
Save it in a new file, try to work with the PROJECT FORMAT [Lan-Lan]: (e.g. English-Dutch -> Eng-Dut
This is the Filename the Converter accepts to open Project Subtitles.

3: Create syncs for other dubs *
Pick an already created subtitle, open a subtitle-editor, open the same episode (but another dub)
and start changing the timecodes according to this new dub. It usually happens lines are missing
or used at places where they weren't used in your chosen subtitle. Dubs differ, no denying it...
In such cases, make space and add new lines, or remove them. Note the changes you made, so you don't
have to spit through these 2 files again to search for differences. When all lines fit the new dub
and all changes have been made regarding adding/deleting lines, the file is finished and again should
be named in the Project Format (in this case, making a sync means the MovieLanguage should be changed).
* Note: Only for complete 25 minutes DVDRip versions! (Subs need to be compatible)

4: Verify Format
This is an easy job (unless you have an error that is not clear about the lines).
Normally, load the subtitle that has to be checked with the Format (English subtitle = Format)
and press 'Check File'. If it has no errors, this task is done for the checked subtitle.
It can happen a mistake is made when translating a line, forgetting to split it in 2 or combine it.
The error points to the lines where this mistake should be. Solve it and you should be done.
* I've had 1 time myself that somehow 1 ID+TimeCode+2 lines were vanished, about 40 lines from the error.
Then you go to the errorline, but nothing is wrong, although the lines are moved down 1 step to much.
In such cases solving the difference is much harder.

5: Create BDS files
If you've made a new sync (or there is an existing one without BDS), this means there had to be made
changes to make it fit the new dub. Now, if you translate the first subtitle, you have to make all
changes again when syncing it to the new dub. But why? There already is a same subtitle in that dub.
Creating a BDS is nothing more than noting the differences between the source dub and the new dub,
for that same subtitle. Every created translation has to be changed the same way as the original.
The script provides the correct commands for the Converter to change that subtitle and generates
the fitting version of the subtitle for the new dub (in the ideal circumstances).
The BDS BinaryWriter Application I wrote will have a validate option to check if all commands are
conform the Syntax. This means the commands are accepted, but it's no guarantee for having 0 errors
during converting. It only prevents Syntax Errors. Syntax: "RemoveLine|FROM|9999" -> will be accepted.
But the SubtitleFile itself never has an existing index of 9999, causing an error, easy.

6: Convert Translations
If a subtitle has a synced version in another dub and theres a BDS file available, any translation
of that subtitle can be Converted to that other dub (same episode) with the SubTitleConverter.
Just add the translated version of the subtitle you'd like to export, add the synced subtitle of the dub
you'd like the translated version to be exported to, and press Convert if possible.
If the files are created/translated correctly, this shouldn't cause errors, but you never know...

If you've created some successful scripts yourself, you may notify me so I can add them
to the public package. Although I doubt people will ever do this, the option is there.

Below you'll see a brief summary of the SubTitleProject options (still correct), with Screenshots of used software (OUTDATED):

SubTitle Project The_Circle_of_SubTitleProject
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SubTitle Project
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