Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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An English Argaï Wiki about the Original Series, Provided by DARkTYranno.
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 About Wiki (Guide)

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About Wiki (Guide)

Wiki Index:
This wiki has been build by DARkTYranno, the Founder of the Argaï Project.
It contains a big amount of topics about several elements of the series,
like Episodes/Ingredients/Verses, Characters & Locations, but also details like Objects, Vehicles and more.
As the wiki is still in production, it misses quite some topics for Characters, Vehicles etc.
The idea to create them is there, they'll just be added later.

On the HomePage is a ChatRoom to chat with DARkTYranno (if he is online), or other users connected to that room.
It also has the index with all Categories and Forums you can browse.
At the bottom there is a Community, where users can post questions or messages about Argaï,
or improve the wiki by leaving notes or suggesstions about specific topics or new ones to create.

There's a seperate Forum specially made for the Argaï Project, containing a Project TaskList,
all work currently done for the Project, Links to any relevant sources, etc.

You can either chose to browse the main categories,
or read a topic and follow links to visit other topics.

The wiki contains Yellow links and LightBlue links.
* LightBlue means another topic on the wiki. Clicking on it will load in the current window.
* A Yellow link means you will be redirected to a page outside the wiki.
Clicking on it opens a new tab or window, leaving the wiki open.
If you visit the ChatRoom, you'll get a warning that you're leaving the page when you click on a LightBlue link.
You can chose to follow the link and leave the room, or cancel it and open the link in a new tab yourself.
* You've probably noticed text { in these curly brackets }. These are not yet created links for future Topics.

As visiting user without account, you should be able to use the Community/Extra Forums to post your own messages.
You can always use the ChatRoom without account.
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About Wiki (Guide)
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