Argaï - The Prophecy (2000)
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An English Argaï Wiki about the Original Series, Provided by DARkTYranno.
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 Argaï - Le Film

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PostSubject: Argaï - Le Film   Argaï - Le Film EmptySun 18 Jan 2015, 8:47 pm

Argaï - Le Film

A production of a 3D Movie about the original Argaï Series.
It would become a Cinema Movie with a duration of approximately 1:30:00.
How the producers are planning to put all elements in it from the series is unknown.
It's been started before June 2012 and is still "In Production",
according to their website that hasn't been (visually) changed since they posted it. However, the link location has been moved once.

Few people have tried to contact them about the status of the movie.
As far as we know, they had some financial problems and the project has been abandoned.
This doesn't necessarily mean that it is stopped, they just don't work on it for the time being
and can continue in the future. What has been shared as well is that they had to change
the original idea they had for the final movie, due to those financial problems,
causing the movie to be shorter or having worse quality.

Below you can find a 'Trailer' and Concept Art of that new movie, to give an idea of the rendering.

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Argaï - Le Film
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