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Evil Company Logo

EvilCompanyLogo EvilCompanyLogo

It looks like Queen Dark has some kind of Logo for her Corporation.
If you look at the image above, you see many objects in the series show up with this Logo.

It appears on a letter in Episode 3, the Pyramid creatures in Episode 8, on the sail
of the conquered ship in Episode 20, on the Giant Bots in Episode 23 and on the Swamp Boats in Episode 24.
The {Special Guard} that appears during the series always has this Logo on their head.
Each object has its own color combination, what would be the idea behind that?
The {Militia} always has that Logo as well, but in a different way (again own colors, but missing the "Teeth").
Below you can compare both Robot Generations' Logo:

EvilCompanyLogo EvilMilitiaLogo

What it is supposed to represent is unknown for now.
The 2 smaller elements may be teeth, as Dark herself is a snake/lizard.
Still: Why they're in a triangle? The {Special Guard Fighters} also have that shape, but the connection...
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