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The Content of a Verse topic contains the following:

"English Verse itself
in a few lines."

If it refers to an Ingredient, the Ingredient will be mentioned with appropriate link.
How the Verse is related to the (next) Episode is also mentioned, as far as it is clear.
[As this is all still in production, most topics don't have this info yet, just the plain Verse]

Global Verse Topic MonkWrites

The Book Of Prophecies is written by a monk long before the story starts in 1250.
It contains all the verses mentioned in the Verses Collection, but probably many more.
Besides, the Book is extremely big and heavy, it should contain much more information,
whether or not being about the prophecy. Those pages are irrelevant and never shown.

Most verses are read at the end of each Episode (except for Episode 26 where the story ends)
and they're about the next Episode. In the following Episode the verses are often read by a character,
to see what the next step or Ingredient is. During the series a few other Verses appear,
not being mentioned at the end of any Episode.
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Global Verse Topic
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