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 02: Amulet

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PostSubject: 02: Amulet   Wed 24 Dec 2014, 9:18 pm

Pharaoh's Amulet

This is the 2nd Ingredient needed for the Antidote to wake up Angel,
which is found in the Pyramids of Egypt in the year 1250 in Episode {8}.
The object is made of gold and is very small.
It has the symbol of a cross and is used to protect the pharaohs from diseases or evil curses.
It was hidden in the tomb of the pharaoh, deep inside the pyramid.
In the final {Ritual} this Ingredient is used to block Angel's curse.
When Merlin puts the Amulet in the glowing field around Angel,
it immediately hits Queen Dark, who cursed Angel, in a hard way.
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02: Amulet
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